Greater Toronto Collector Car Museum | FAQ’s
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your facility located

While we do not yet have a location that is accessible to the public, we are building our collection of cars, books, videos and other items in anticipation of our opening day.

What will the Museum be like?

Ours will be a state of the art facility with a hands-on experience. Selected cars will be driven by our docents and the public will be invited along for the ride. Our cars will be displayed in a period correct manner featuring authentic and realistic backdrops representative of the era. This will give our visitors and patrons an opportunity to see and feel what it was like to be in a car from the past.

What makes and models will be featured?

We will feature all makes and models of the automobile. This will include not only North American manufacturers but also European and Japanese makes.

What things are you looking for to be donated to the Museum?

We are looking for anything automotive related. This would include automotive related books, articles, magazines, videos, movies, interesting automotive related items, period correct display items,  automotive tools, equipment and of course cars.

Will I get a tax receipt for things I donate?

Yes all donations with a value greater than $10 will receive a tax receipt for the appraised value. The Museum staff are able to appraise items that have a value of under $1,000 and for items that have a value of $1000 or greater we will have a professional appraisal done by a third party.  All cash donations receive a tax receipt for the full value.

Can I donate shares of publicly traded securities to the Museum?

Yes we can accept shares of publicly traded securities and a tax receipt will be issued for the market value of the security. Any security donated must be able to be sold easily at the fair market value. Under the current Canada Revenue Agency rules, there are no capital gains tax associated with a donated security to a recognized Canadian Charity.

Can I donate shares of publicly traded securities to the Museum?

We are looking for people to help get our name out there and help with fundraising and building our collection. If you have an interest in this please Contact Us.

If you have further questions please feel free to Contact Us