Greater Toronto Collector Car Museum | Donate to the Greater Toronto Collector Car Museum
Donations of memorabilia, vehicles, magazines, trophies, books, films as well as monetary donations are gladly accepted.
Donate, books, magazines, Vehicles, Films, Documentaries, trophies, model cars, automobile memorabilia
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We are intent on building a world class facility and this will take time, money and automobiles. Many collectors are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain, store and insure their vehicles yet do not want to let their prized collection go to just anyone. GTCCM has secure facilities to store and maintain our collection as we build it to a critical mass prior to opening to the public. We will consider all vehicles for our donation program with a preference for rare, collectible and antique automobiles. All vehicles donated will be appraised by an accredited third party professional appraiser and tax receipts will be issued for the full appraised amount.

Books, Magazines, Films, Documentaries and other Automobile Publications

Many auto enthusiasts have acquired an impressive collection of auto related publications, magazines and books and at some point the time will come to find another home for these. Our intention is to build a comprehensive library that would allow our Patrons to access these publications once housed in our physical location. Historic films showing factory operations, road tests, manufacturing or other similar auto related events or themes would be most welcome. All donated items will receive a tax receipt for the fair market value.


What do you do with your selection of trophies once the car has gone or the room to keep them is no longer available? Donate them to the GTCCM! We are planning on a very unique feature in the museum – a Trophy Room. In addition to the trophies we would love to have any photos of the car that won the trophy (the actual car would be good too!)

Other Auto Memorabilia

As many of our displays will be in period correct settings we welcome the opportunity to acquire collections of automobile related items from a variety of eras. These could include such items as gasoline pumps, signs, lights, juke boxes, furniture, garage equipment and the like. All of these donated items are eligible to receive a tax receipt for the fair market value.


Ok so you don’t have any books, cars, movies or models that you can donate at this time. Do not despair. We do accept cash and other monetary items. This is an important part of our operational budget as there are many costs involved in operating a museum that cannot be met by donations in kind. All cash donations will receive a tax receipt for the full value. We are also able to accept shares of publicly traded companies or mutual funds. Under Canada’s generous charity tax laws, there is no capital gains tax payable on the disposition of the shares that are donated to a qualified charity.